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Incarceration on the Brain

Incarceration on the Brain looks at the intersection of brain injury and the Criminal Justice System through a social justice lens.

Brought to you by the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona thanks to general support from the Satterberg Foundation.

This podcast is hosted by Carrie Collins-Fadell. Recorded and edited by Open Conversation.

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Sep 14, 2021

Survival during the COVID pandemic has been all about social distancing and practicing good hygiene.  What happens if you can’t do either because you are incarcerated?  Join us as we look at being locked up during a global pandemic with Dr. Apryl Alexander, co-author of  Sick and Shut In: Incarceration During a Public Health Crisis.

Then, not only has Pilar had to navigate the pandemic alone, she has had to worry constantly about her husband who is jail awaiting a hearing.